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  • SmartWireApplications
    Stick your head inside any racing vehicle. What do you see? I think we can all agree that modern race car wiring is complex, heavy and at times inefficient.

    SmartWire is a power control module designed to be the central point of power and control for a race car’s electrical components. A microprocessor and solid state circuitry replaces fuses, breakers and relays - reducing wiring and weight. When paired with Racepak sensors and data loggers, accessories can switch on automatically and more efficiently than manual switching.

    The videos below explain what SmartWire is and what it can do to simplify the wiring complexities of a modern race car in some of today’s most popular motorsports. 
  •  DragRacing5 
    Racepak is the leader in drag racing data acquisition. And now, with SmartWire, is offering a solution to simplify and reduce wiring in race cars. Check out this video to learn how.
  • ClosedCourse1

    Racepak’s SmartWire offers road racers an affordable and simple power control module. Check out this video to learn how SmartWire can be programmed to automatically switch accessories on/off using external sensor inputs.

  •   OffRoad1 

    Racepak’s products are designed and built to withstand the demanding requirements of an off-road racing vehicle’s electrical system. Check out this video to learn how SmartWire can automatically turn on multiple light bars with one switch.

  • Pulling1 

    Racepak is bringing the next evolution of power accessory management to Truck/Tractor Pulling. Check out this video to learn how SmartWire helps Super Class pulling vehicles automatically activate water injection.