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    Racepak Data Systems was founded in 1984 to design and build affordable and reliable onboard data acquisition equipment. As Racepak built and refined its early data acquisition systems, the equipment found its way into many forms of motorsports before finally catching the attention of the drag racing community. Though there had been previous attempts to construct data recorders for Top Fuel and Funny Cars, none had proven reliable. Racepak knew that if they could develop onboard data acquisition that could survive in this hostile environment, that it would survive anywhere. By achieving this goal, the Racepak data recorder was established as the clear choice in data acquisition. The result is that Racepak can now be found on nearly every professional drag racing vehicle competing throughout the world.

    Racepak has reinvested heavily into supporting the quest for information technology. The Racepak line has now grown to include a large selection of unique loggers, software, gauges, and ancillary equipment, for use in a variety of motorsports. This has positioned the company as a leader in the data acquisition industry, and expanded our clientele to include industrial applications, OE manufacturers, and testing facilities, as well as a broad spectrum of land, water, and snow-based motorsports. In 2005, Racepak was acquired by MSD Performance Group. Known as the leader in high-performance ignition and electronic products, MSD Ignition offered the perfect environment for Racepak’s continued growth.

    The team at Racepak Data Systems is proud of our accomplishments and the reputation we have developed in the motorsports community. We firmly believe that reputation is the key to our success. Racepak continues to follow the same guiding principles that have led us to the forefront of the data acquisition industry. Our unwavering goal remains to produce reliable, efficient, state of the art data recorders. It is key that they remain at a price accessible to professionals and sportsmen alike and that we support our customers with whatever service they may need. Our push for continual product advancement, dissatisfaction with status quo, and the burning desire to achieve the impossible; have made us a perfect match for the customers we serve.

    Finally, we wish to thank our customers who have played an integral role in the growth of Racepak. It is through your faith in us, and the input and ongoing support of our products, that we have become the leader in data acquisition. We value that relationship and look forward to further cultivating it as we continue to grow. Racepak systems are designed to take the intimidation factor out of purchasing a data acquisition system. Further, we are always available to answer any questions or provide component selection advice. You can contact a Racepak Customer Service representative at 949-709-5556.