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  • TechSpecs 
    Output Capacity:  125 Amps
    Current Consumption:  180 mA typical operation (<1 mA in shutdown mode)
    Min/Max Power Supply:  8-20 Volts
    Operating Power Supply:  12-16 volt automotive applications
    Inputs:  12 hardwired direct (voltage triggered (>2.7V) or ground triggered (<2.5V)
    Outputs:  30 (8 outputs @ 20 Amps, 22 outputs @ 10Amps)
    Response:  3.0 milliseconds max
    Programming:  USB (or via V-Net when used with a V-Net data recorder)
    Dimensions:  Length 6.5” (16.51 cm), Width 5.5” (13.97 cm), Height 2.0” (5.08 cm)
    Weight:  25.8 ounces (731.4 grams)
     Note: All current ratings are for 12 volt operation. For 16 volt systems you must subtract 25 percent.
  • Diagram External Connections 
    • Monitored for Current, Voltage, and Status
    • Protected via user settable limits for over-current situations
    • Protected from short circuits and/or thermal overload situations
    • Function programmable as:
      • Constant On
      • Flash
      • Latch On
      • Single Pulse
      • Windshield Wiper (only available on channel 19)
    • Time Delayed for On or Off
    • Outputs are controlled via any combinations of:
      • Switchable inputs
      • Programmed logic operations;
        • (Equal to, Not Equal to, Greater than, Greater than or Equal to, Less than, Less than or Not Equal to)
      • V-Net attached sensors (Temperatures, Pressures, RPM, etc.)